“The most inspiring thing I’ve ever read. I can’t rave about this enough, I urge you to read it.”
Gavin Strange, Aardman
“A call-to-arms to experiment, to embrace new things, to look and learn beyond what you know."
Digital Arts
"A great and wise book"
Michael Wolff, wolff olins
"What’s special about this book is that it’s about fulfilling an incessant and overpowering need to create and success just happens to be a beautiful by-product."
Let's Be Brief
“I've read this book three times. The second immediately after the first, I enjoyed it that much."
Gavin, Amazon Review

This is the most extraordinary time for people with a desire to make things. Spark for the Fire is for everyone who wants to excel. For the people who are passionate about what they want to do. For those whose imaginations demand to be put to use, in any discipline.

It is for the youthful: in age, experience or attitude – and those who want to be – whether to kick-start a career or reignite an established one. Now more than ever, youthful thinking can help spark the fire of creativity. This must-read book reveals exactly how.

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